Weighted Black Basalt Massage Stone

Weighted Black Basalt Massage Stone

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This beautifully designed stone will bring comfort and help ease any knots or pain in the fascia (the tissue between the skin and muscles). The crescent shape is easy to hold, and provides different faces to suit all needs:

  • 1) the pointed side is great for a deep tissue massage for the back and joint areas
  • 2) the rounded side is suited for general massaging
  • 3) the long side can be used in a scraping motion
It has a significant weight to it, ½ lb, so the person applying it does not need to use too much of their own force. It can be heated or cooled, by placing in hot water or the freezer, to provide even greater relief and because it is made from lava rocks, it maintains temperature very well. It works great on its own, but we highly recommend you use it alongside our pain relief salve for maximum effect.

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